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Moray Ramblers are affliated to the Ramblers Association, based in Elgin, Morayshire.  We arrange walks of all grades covering a large area of the North East of Scotland including parts of the North West of Scotland.  We also have social events related to the outdoors, including annual weekends away, with Christmas and midsummer meals for combined long and short walks.


We currently have over 100 members with an average of 32 people coming along on our long walks and an average of 15 on

the short walks.


We offer a range of walks as detailed below.


Short walks:


These are mostly by using the local service buses and are 4-6 miles long (2-3 hours).  They are planned every two weeks approximately, alternating on a Tuesday and Saturday.



Long Walks:


Our long walks are every three weeks, on alternate Saturday and Sunday.


For these walks we have a hired bus to take us further afield.


In Summer we like to walk 10-12 miles or more with even an odd Munro or so.  In Winter we stay a little closer to home and walk 8-10 miles to accommodate the shorter daylight hours.


There is a 30 minute pub or cafe stop after each walk, to tell the tale.


Our current  fare for the bus is £15 for adults and £5 for children.


We also post many photos from our walks on our Facebook page


Please click on the links below to view our most recent programmes.


Main Walks Program:  August 2019 to January 2020

Short Walks Program: July 2019 to January 2020



Chairperson:  Dave Clark  (Tel. 01542 649093)

Vice Chairperson: 

Secretary:  John Worthington  (Tel. 01343 850604)

Treasurer / Bus Booking Secretary:  Evie McIvor  (Tel. 01343  820844)